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My fight to survive started in 2010, at the age of 40. The time in my life when my last child was finishing her Senior year of high school. The time in my life, I am supposed to start enjoying my life. I raised my children but before the last one could leave the nest, I was given the awful news no one wants to hear…. I had squamous cell carcinoma of the Bartholin Gland. My cancer doctor said since I was young and healthy that they were going to throw treatments to me fast and hard! And did they ever….. 7 LONG, MISERABLE weeks of chemotherapy and radiation! During my fifth week, treatment had to been stopped due to second degree burns! Resumed in a week! I was taken from young and healthy to feeling like near death. All while trying to get my daughter through her senior year!

Once the treatments were finished in March of 2010, I was given the great news that the cancer had been beaten;) Now all I have to do is go home and get better….or so I was told.

In November I began having severe stomach pain frequently going to doctors and emergency rooms! I lost 40 pounds and my mom from that November until March of 2011. On my birthday, I was taken and admitted to hospital with infected gall bladder, pancreatitis and perforated colon! My colon had been tearing and leaking since November!?? First step was to treat pancreatitis and then colon! I started having colon surgeries and having to be cleansed out from gangrene! This repeated itself until they ended up taking half my colon and ostomy bags and illeostomy bags and reversals! Months on end in the hospital. Watching my life fall apart knowing I was no longer in control of anything! My husband couldn’t deal with all the surgeries and hospitals so he left the first three months I was in hospital.

I had a total of 20 plus colon surgeries during the next couple of years. The radiation had damaged my colon;( Which should have never been radiated;(

After the two year stretch with my colon, in 2013 I had a resection and got rid of my bags and presumed I could now get back to living;)
Within weeks of my last colon surgery, I began having blood clots and after approximately 15 vascular surgeries, my doctors told me my veins were destroyed also;(
I was pretty much told there was nothing else there the Drs could do???

Now I am completely damaged and the only hope I can access is my right to self medicate?!
In my state, this is strictly forbidden;(

So to save my life, I packed up and left everything and everyone I know and love and came in search of a cure!

Soon as I came to Colorado, before I could access the regimen, I have had 10 plus surgeries here! This has been in the past year!
I have been doing the long 1600 miles one way for the past year! In April of this year, I had a chance to come stay in Colorado;)
So like I said….. I packed everything I could in my car, including the meds I had been purchasing at dispensaries. I made it 4 hours from Colorado and was detained by Kansas for possession with intent, Possession of paraphernalia
I have been told never to ask if it can get worse because it always can! I am in need of your support as I continue my right to self medicate!
Since being here in April, I was facing amputation of my right leg;(
I started a high THC and CBD regimen and using oil for pain! My surgeons here are amazed at the difference in my test since starting it and they have to admit it is working. I am slowly weaning off of my pharmaceuticals,)
Will I ever be able to do the things I done before? No;(
But I am better than I have been in a long time.

Now I have to deal with Kansas so I am asking you all to join me as I continue my right to self medicate and LIVE instead of EXIST!