Holy Anointing Oil

Don’t settle for an imitation. Choose the “original” topical, Holy Anointing Oil



Made as prescribed by Moses in the book of Exodus our version of holy anointing oil is as close to the original as possible. We have painstakingly replicated both the ingredients and the process previously reserved for only priests and kings to bring you the best topical in the world. With reported uses for: pain, anxiety, and depression, to erectile dysfunction, skin conditions, and IBS, we are confident that Holy Anointing Oil will have a benefit for you.

For the most consistent results apply holy anointing oil daily to all affected areas.

*Holy anointing oil is intended for use as a topical but is safe to ingest unless pregnant or breastfeeding.

Produced by: www.thehopegrowsfoundation.org and www.denverbud.com