These products aid in the use of medical cannabis and are offered at a special reduced price for the Hope Grows Foundation!

    Andy’s Anointing Oil

    CBD infused and reported uses for: pain, anxiety, and depression, to erectile dysfunction, skin conditions, and IBS, we are confident that Andy’s Anointing Oil will have a benefit for you.


    The Dabsolute Pen Kit w/ Battery

    The Honey Stick adjustable 36w battery allows the user to set their desired dosage for easy concentrate vaping – kit includes our revolutionary Dabsolute Concentrate Pen.


    The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen

    The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen’s patented airflow and coil design make it virtually impossible to clog or break eliminating the need for replacements…


    The Daberator

    The flagship model of The Daberator family. There is no product like it on the market.  The Daberator will out perform ANY dab rig on the market today in efficiency and value.